Indonesia: Mercury, Gold and "Uncommon Diseases"

by LARRY C. PRICE AND DEBBIE M. PRICE The children are the most painful to see. Bright, energetic Zaskia preens and laughs for the camera, balancing on her good leg to accommodate a clubfoot, seemingly unaware at age 3 that her fingers, too, are deformed. Tiny Nyimas is 8 years old but has the shrunken body of a very emaciated toddler; hydrocephalus has left her hopelessly brain damaged. Seven-year-old Fikri has a malformed skull, muscle weakness and is profoundly developmentally delayed; his mother abandoned him shortly after his birth. Iqbal's mother cradles him in her arms. Two years old, Iqubal is as helpless as a newborn infant with stiff muscles and clenched fists. Dita, 10, lies on a

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